Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The London That I Know

When going to bed last night, those of us who stayed up at Team Urbanite were pissed off.

Our local Sony centre was on fire in Enfield, a man was fatally shot in Croydon and the rioting had now spread beyond the city of London to Birmingham and Liverpool.  It seemed like there was no control and that the country we love had well and truly 'gone to the dogs'.

So it was with great pleasure that we saw these images first thing in the morning and that the hashtag #riotcleanup was trending on twitter.

Spurred on by twitter and Facebook, Londoners took the streets today and helped clear the mess that was  heaped on us by mindless idiots.  This is the London that we know.  This is the London that we love.

We at The Urbanite hope that this is just the start.  We need to reclaim the streets from these mindless thugs. Not by violence.  But by showing them that they can loot and riot all they want but we will not be frightened off from cleaning up our streets and going about our daily business.

It's time we got together and showed the country, and the world, what London is really about.

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