Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Weeknd @ Wireless, 7 July 2012

On Saturday 7 July, The Urbanite fulfilled one of its dreams by finally witnessing the genius of R&B singer/songwriter The Weeknd, live in action.

Below are a few of the videos we took.  Excuse the bad sound and bad singing in the background.  Some chick with a really deep voice kept singing in our ear *cough cough*.  Anyway, enjoy!

High For This

Life of the Party

Wicked Games

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Choon of the Week! Kanye West ft DJ Khaled & DJ Pharris - Theraflu

"And I’ll admit, I fell in love with Kim, round the same time she had fell in love with him"

Kanye West dropped an early Easter present to his devoted followers on Friday with two cuts from the upcoming, and eagerly anticipated, G.O.O.D Music compilation album.  

The track is oddly called Theraflu, presumably a reference to how Kanye is so "cold" to his enemies he leaves them needing flu medication (get it?).  Whatever it's called, it's a straight up banger.  


Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Videos: Rick Ross, O2 Proud April 2 2012

Last night, the BAWSE that is Rick Ross tore down London's O2 Proud with his custom packed out shows.  See below for a selection of the best videos.  FYI - This was a Rick Ross concert, so expect a lot of poor quality filming as my Blackberry camera is pushed from side to side.  I consider myself lucky, the guy next to me with his smashed up iphone was not that happy at the end.  Enjoy!


Sunday, 25 March 2012

Choon of the Week! - Rita Ora feat Tinie Tempah & Drake - RIP (I'm Ready For Ya remix)

"You say you got baggage well i'm packed too, plus I got a sex pistol pointed right at you, bang"

Roc Nation's latest soon to be world wide sensation Rita Ora recently unleashed her debut single, RIP, onto the airwaves and it has not stopped playing since.  Most of us had already heard the song in it's original format, written and performed by Drake.  

Well it was only a matter of time before both versions were put together.  Which is what is done on our Choon of the Week, with the remix also featuring Tinie Tempah's verse as well as some vocals from Drizzy.