Sunday, 13 November 2011

X-Factor Analysis And Predictions

Sixth Week: Lady Gaga and Queen Night

Ok, there's no real need to beat around the bush this week.  X-Factor UK is in a crisis.  The past few weeks have not been great, but we only have the public to blame as good acts like Sophie Habibis and The Risk have now gone whilst idiots like Frankie stayed in.

Well, the wannabe young Russell Brand is no longer in the show having been kicked out for boasting about taking drugs.  My guess is that he probably doesn't even care and is somewhere right this moment trying to get his leg over an impressionable 17 year old girl.

But back to the music, or what is left of it.  After a few days of debating amongst themselves as to what they should do, X-Factor producers and PR men thought that they would give the "great British public" a chance to redeem themselves and vote back in one of the acts that got voted out after Week One.  This meant that Amelia Lilly (the Christina Aguilera lookalike) , Jonjo Kerr (the singing soldier), 2 Shoes (the Essex girls)  or James Michael (even I don't remember him).

Are you still with me?  I am not sure I even am, but here is the analysis and predictions from last night.

1: Kitty

You would have guessed that Lady Gaga week was made for Kitty, so it was a surprise that she ended up singing a Queen track, but 'Don't Stop Me Now' is one that is also something that she can easily pull off.  And she does this week, once again.  It must be said that out of all the contestants, Kitty has improved the most.  Good performance, but will she survive the chop this week.  With the way the public vote, I really do not know 8/10

2: Craig 

Craig was good last week, and has been a little gem over the past few weeks.  Although The Urbanite likes Craig, he would not be a great X-Factor winner and would easily go down the route of other male winner like Shane what's his face or Matt something or the other.  Singing 'Paparazzi' this week, Craig once again sounds great over a brilliant cut up version of the track.  Faultless performance and he will stroll his way to next week.  Whether he can win is one question in itself.  But if he keeps performing like this it's a question that will be asked consistently. 9/10

3: Little Mix

Tulisa has not been having a great X-Factor debut.  Having failed with both her boybands, she now only has Little Mix left in the competition.  And even though Little Mix are OK, the age old argument that girl groups do not do well in singing competitions makes me always feel that they are one average week away from the bottom two.  Well this week, they were far from average with a funky rendition of 'Telephone'.  They managed to sing a difficult song as if they were one voice.  All 4 girls showed they could sing.  Really good, big performance which will take some beating 9/10

4: Janet Devlin

Janet had a bad week last night and, to be honest, was lucky to survive last week. And going forward, she may struggle to excite people and show diversity in a competition with the likes of Marcus, Craig and Misha B who have all mixed things up.  Singing a slowed down version of 'Somebody to Love', you know what you're going to get when she sings like this.  It's boring, but that may be because she is more of a recording artist than a performing artist. Not sure that she will survive much longer though 7/10

5: Marcus

If there is one thing that every viewer can agree on it is that Marcus has been the most consistent performer this year.  All of his performances have been fun and lively and his vocals have always been spot on.  He has coasted the past 5 weeks and showed no signs of stopping.  This week, however, something just did not feel right as his version of 'Another One Bites the Dust' sounded predictable and felt like a performance he had done a few weeks ago.  Considering that his main quality is his diversity, this felt like a bad move.  Although he should be safe, this was not his greatest week.  6/10

6: Misha B

It felt like Misha might struggle after being in the bottom two, but her performance last week showed everyone that she can bounce back after disappointment.  Kitty and Louis still tried to make her look bad by subtly implying that she stole Kitty's song.  Singing 'Born this Way', Misha completely owns the song and even chucks in a few dance moves for good measure.  It's fun, cool and sounds brilliant.  Not the best performance of the night, but still great.  8/10

So, due to the nostril activities of Frankie, the public were given the chance to vote back in a contestant that got voted out by their judge on Week One.  With a choice of Jonjo Kerr, 2 Shoes, Amelia Lilly and that guy i can't remember, they chose.....

7: Amelia Lilly

It was always going to be Amelia, who was clearly one of the best vocalists in the competition and gave Kelly a very tough decision.  Whether she can come in to the competition half way through and win is anybody's guess, but this week is probably the toughest week she will have in the show.  Considering the fact she only had 2 days to prepare this version of 'The Show Must go On', she does a good job and reminds us all of her powerful voice.  The lyrics resonate with her predicament, and it will be good to see whether with a bit of preparation and practice, Amelia can pull off a good all round performance. Still, this was good.  7/10

So there we have it. Compared to the other weeks, this week was not that bad and it is difficult to pinpoint somebody who had a bad night.  Marcus was forgetful and Janet boring, but those two have been favourites with the public and are unlikely to lose their key support.

Which makes predictions this week difficult.  So I am going to try and chuck in a controversial prediction: Kitty and Janet will be in the bottom two, and Janet will go

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