Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Choon of the Week! - Faith SFX ft Black The Ripper - Swim Good (re-fix)

"Forget chilling in the hood, I'll be in the ocean, I need some space to breath the city's too closed in".  

It goes without saying that The Urbanite is a fan of Frank Ocean.  Weeks go by when he is practically all we talk about.  So when beat-box extraordinaire Faith SFX decided to remix Ocean's iconic single Swim Good, eyebrows were raised.

With the use of no other instrumental other than his own voice, the UK's beatboxing champion creates a medley composed of the Dr Dre produced Nas track Affirmitive Action (off the classic It Was Written album) and Swim Good. Who knew that the beatboxer could sing as well?  Vocally the song is on point and is polished off with a great verse from Edmonton - North London resident/rapper, and one-time contact of The Urbanite, Black The Ripper.

The choon has been on repeat for the past few weeks and has already exceeded 79,000 views on YouTube alone.


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