Sunday, 5 February 2012

New Video - English Teacher Destroys Pupil In Rap Battle

Imagine the scenario.  You're an English teacher in a rough inner-city school in Manchester.  You don't particularly like your job, the kids make fun of your ginger beard and your adolescent dreams of being a money-making rapper are dead.

What better way, then, to take your anger out on the world then by absolutely destroying one of your cocky students in a rap battle?  Well that is exactly what Mr Mark Grist does in this amazing 8 minute rap battle filmed for (skip to 01.38secs).

The Urbanite was alerted to this video on Friday and can't rate both rappers enough.  Whilst the young Blizzard is obviously a talented battle rapper, his teacher is raw!  Unafraid of tackling the most harshest of topics, Mr Grist totally embarrasses the kid and shows him how to truly diss someone's mum (I'll never look at laminated floor in the same way again!).

It's like a cross between 8Mile and Saved By The Bell.


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