Sunday, 20 November 2011

X-Factor Analysis And Predictions

Seventh Week: Movie Night

Last week's show was a vast improvement on previous weeks, yet the contestants that made it into the final two once again surprised.  Misha B is obviously the most talented artist in the show but is failing to connect with the audience, and now the more popular Amelia Lilly has returned Misha's chances of winning are slim.  Kitty was also arguably the most entertaining performer and will actually be missed as the show nears its most important period.

Make no mistake, tonight is going to be a big night for many acts.

1: Craig

The one contestant that has improved each and every week, and if this show was only all about being a competition I would argue that Craig is now worthy of being talked of as a winner.  I'm still not sure if he can sell millions of records and his performance today confirmed the reason why: he can be boring. 'Goldfinger' was not a great song choice either and that obviously did not help.  But this was not great.    Craig's first weak performance.  6/10

2: Janet

Janet has had a rough few weeks.  Not at her best two weeks ago, as she tried to step out of her comfort zone, her performance last week failed to impress and gave the danger of her appearing like a one-hit wonder.  She puts it down to finding it hard to relate to pop songs, but if Misha can do it then so should she.  With a song like 'Kiss Me', though, Janet could not go wrong as these kind of mushy, indie girly type songs suit her. She gets better as the song goes on and puts in her best performance for weeks.  She will walk it into next week.  8/10

3: Amelia Lilly

Amelia has gone from being the forgotten girl of the show to being one of the bookies favourites.  There is definitely a gap in the UK market for her, but whether she can come into the competition at such a late stage and win is a different question altogether.  She sang 'Think' today, which Tulisa claimed to not know, with a lot of confidence and swag and showed why she is a strong contender.  Good again 7/10

4:  Misha B

Misha is a contestant in trouble.  She has been in the bottom two twice and, if she is in it again, I can definitely see her going as there is no use having an artist in the competition that the fans do not get.  She is still the most talented artist in the competition and will go on to sell loads, and loads, and loads of records. She is amazing tonight, sounding just like Whitney with her version of 'I Have Nothing'.  Vocally it is perfect, hitting some notes that I did not think she could hit.  The fun may be gone from her performances, but that was class once again 9/10

5: Little Mix

Little Mix have got so far for one reason and one reason only: Tulisa completely understands them and gets how to market them.  They have a good chance of winning and, once again, get a great song by Tulisa in 'Don't Let Go', by En Vogue.  They smacked it, hitting all the right harmonies and looking like a girl group that have been together for years and years.  They are the next big girl group that will come out of this country.  If you doubted whether they can win or not, this week should put those doubts to rest.  The performance of the night 9/10

6:  Marcus

Marcus had a bit of a dud week last week.  His performance was a bit routine, as his main strength is his diversity and when he tries to move away from that he becomes a bit boring.  This week sees him singing 'Higher and Higher', which is vocally perfect and still entertaining.  Marcus is back to his best. 8/10

And that is the end of a very short week.  Don't get used to it, as the acts will be forced to sing twice next  Saturday (Lord help us!).  Little Mix really stood out today and Craig, despite being vocally strong, was the only performance that was hard to remember.

Going to be a very hard one to call this week, but see the 'girl vote' being split heavily and one of Kelly's acts suffering.  Craig also deserves to be in the bottom two, as he had his first bad performance of the show.  Tough, but Misha and Craig to be the bottom two. It will go to public vote, and Misha will go.  And then have a successful career!

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