Friday, 26 August 2011

Choon of the Week! Lil Wayne ft Drake - She Will

"What goes around comes around like a hula hoop, karma is a bitch, well just make sure that bitch is beautiful"

This week's 'Choon of the Week" could only come from one place and one place only.  After teasing us with his latest mixtape and telling us that he was 'Sorry 4 the Wait', Lil Wayne's much anticipated new album 'Carter IV' has finally been leaked on the internet and, whilst we The Urbanite do not condone illegal downloading, we have heard on good authority that the album is a banger!

So what better way to celebrate the 'Carter IV' leak than by jamming to the song on the album with the best punchlines, provided by Tunechi himself, and the album's most infectious chorus, provided by the go to guy for hit chorus', Drake.

We at The Urbanite can see this song being an instant smash and will be appreciating it as much as possible before it gets absolutely killed on Choice FM and we get tired of it.

Enjoy our 'Choon of the Week' on your long bank holiday, we know we will!

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