Monday, 8 August 2011

Welcome to The Urbanite

Welcome to The Urbanite, your one stop shop for (slightly) left wing politics, socio/economic observations and musical reviews chucked in for good measure.

The Urbanite is made up of a few 20 something year old Londoners. Coincidentally, we are all also History graduates.  Spurred on by the many noteworthy incidents over the past year and a half, from the monumental Arab Spring to the student protests last year, from the renewed economic crisis to the riots and looting that we have witnessed this weekend, we at The Urbanite have decided that it is time to stop arguing and debating amongst ourselves and time to argue and debate with the world!

We all stand for a lot of different things and at times even disagree with each other.  However, the one right that stands strong on our platform is the right to free speech.

You may disapprove of what we say, but we hope you defend our right to say it.

Welcome to The Urbanite


  1. Is there an email address where we can get in touch?

  2. Hi there,

    I am a producer, working with RT America, looking to contact Talal Rajab for a interview request, to talk about his article, "The Riots That Will Define My Generation".

    This will be a 4 to 5 minutes long interview and we are aiming to schedule it at the 5:00 PM EST time today (1:00 am your time?) , if that is all right with your schedule. We can also try to pre tape earlier if that will be more feasible.

    We can arrange interviews via Skype video chat.

    Please let me know if there is any chance that you would like to come in for this interview on today, Tuesday, August 9th, 2011.

    Thanks for considering this request.

    All my best,

    Roselena Ramirez
    RTTV America
    1325 G Street NW Suite 250
    Washington, DC 20005
    1+(202) 942-2410 (office)
    1+(202) 739-1750 (Cell)

  3. Thanks for the comments/requests guys, I have emailed and messaged the both of you with my contact details.