Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Urbanite Hip Hop Artist(s) of the Year - Jay Z + Kanye West

"...not bad huh, for some immigrants"

Being responsible for having the most anticipated album of the year is something that Jigga and Kanye have become accustomed to.

When the release date for Watch The Throne was announced, the rap world expected a big project that would cement the two stars' status as rap legends.  What we got in reality was something that exceeded our expectations and more; we got an album that musically experimented and stretched the talents of the two artists with such varied production.

Aside from Watch The Throne, the two legends also pursued individual initiatives that only served to increase their power in the music industry.  Kanye saw his G.O.O.D music project flourish with the signing of rap powerhouse Pusha T (who released some great music in 2011), the growing popularity of Big Sean and the success of his album Finally Famous (and his monster of a track Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay), the re-birth of Common and the continued evolution of artists like Cyhi da Prince and Kid Cudi.  Be sure to expect some serious music from this group as a collective very soon.

On Jigga's side, his musical empire continued to grow and his Mrs is due to give birth anytime soon.  It is quite hard to remember any time in history when two rappers were so at the peak of their game that they technically controlled vast swaths of a particular industry.  With rumours of them taking their Watch The Throne tour worldwide, do not be expecting any of them to slow down any time soon.

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