Friday, 23 December 2011

Choon of the Week! - The Weeknd - Same Old Song

"Bet you miss me now baby, I bet you'd kiss me now baby, especially since you know that this ain't nothing and I only just begun"

As soon as The Urbanite saw this tweet on Thursday morning, there was only ever really going to be one artist behind this week's 'Choon of the Week'.  The Weeknd has grown from strength to strength this year and it is a measure of his stature that he was able to shut down twitter on both sides of the Atlantic this week with the release of 'Echoes of Silence'.

Like his previous two mixtapes, this one already sounds epic and contains a number of songs that instantly stand out.  For obvious reasons the opening track, 'DD', is an instant classic, with the cover of Michael Jackson's 'Dirty Diana' being a trending topic within hours of the album being released.  It could quite possibly even be one of the best covers of a Jacko song we'll hear.

But one other song on 'Echoes of Silence' stands out far greater than 'DD', purely due to it's lyrical content.

On 'Same Old Song', we get a glimpse into how far The Weeknd has come since he first released House of Balloons earlier this year.  The track has the Canadian singing about the perils of fame, calling out a former lover who is only interested in him now that he has achieved stardom.  The lyrics sound as sincere as always, but it is the tone and delivery that suggest that the artist has moved on from the sad tales of lonely nightclubs and apartment lofts to themes that are more suited to superstars like his friend Drake - themes like groupie lovers and back-stabbing girls.

Same Old Song is our Choon of the Week, but seeing how much this mixtape is being played at the moment it may be no surprise to find another one of his songs on the top of our recommended list next week.


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