Thursday, 22 December 2011

Why Culture and Context are Key to Racism Ruling

By Liam Tomkins (@liam_tomkins) via Kopsource

Luis Suarez has been handed an eight-game ban and £40,000 fine for using a word which, in his culture, is completely commonplace and when used in the context he is claiming, far from offensive, let alone racist.

But that is the tag he must now wear as the Football Association have adjudged the use of the term ‘negrito’ to be pejorative and, thus, a breach of the rules worthy of unprecedented punishment. This verdict raises a profound question: what is racism? Is it in the intent of what is said, or the interpretation of how it is heard? It would seem, according to the FA at least, to be the latter.

Read the full article here - (well worth a read, whoever you support: The Urbanite)

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