Friday, 19 August 2011

Choon of the Week! Dappy - Tarzan

"...hit double plats before i turned 20, I'm a brand like the guy who sticks it in Perry"

This week has been another epic week in the music scene.  It all started with Channel 4's "Street Summer" which, other than Akala's fantastic 'Life of Rhyme', was a bit of a disappointment.  We were then treated to the leaked version of Game's new album 'The R.E.D', a new mixtape from our new favourite rnb swooner The Weeknd and the release of Wretch 32's new album 'Black and White'.  

With all this excitement and new music to listen to, it has been slightly difficult for The Urbanite (once again) to choose our choon of the week.  So we've decided to give you two (yes, we are that kind!).  

It's quite funny though, because our first choice does not appear on any of these new albums.  It is not even a proper tune.  But Dappy, yes Dappy, goes in so hard on his new 'Tarzan' freestyle that The Urbanite had to make this our first choon of the week.  

Spitting his best bars since 'Duku Man' over YC's 'Racks' Dappy shows the world why, whatever you think of N-Dubz, you have to rate the guy as a rapper.  It's a shame that he does not do this more consistently, as the talent is clearly there, and we only hope that his solo album features more of this.  

Look out for mention of him leaving Def Jam USA ("I'm spontaneous, i don't care fam, i said no to the Def Jam chairman") and Tulisa making it onto the X-Factor judge list ("Back in school we got judged by the teacher, who's on the panel now, Tu Tu Tulisa") and the hilarious actor in the video.  

Shout out to SBTV for another well shot video as well.  Those guys are making movements.  


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