Saturday, 24 September 2011

Choon of the Week! - J Cole feat Trey Songz- Can't Get Enough

"Follow your moves all week on twitter, probably make a gay nigga reconsider"

It's not like The Urbanite to promote the same artist and album week in week out.  We pride ourselves on having such an eclectic and wide ranging taste in music that we can promote different artists on here every week.

Well J Cole has just killed that this week with the leak of his debut album, Cole World - The Sideline Story.

Put simply, the album is epic and gives The Game's R.E.D album competition for the title of album of the year.  Along with the tunes that you have probably already heard of and love, including 'Who's Dat', 'In the Morning', 'Mr Nice Watch' and 'Lights Please', other notable tracks to look out for include 'Cole World' and 'Nobody's Perfect', featuring the return of Missy Elliot!

So it was a no-brainer that for two weeks running the North Carolina rapper gets the title of 'Choon of the Week'.  The most difficult thing to decide this week was which choon off the album received the award!

But after listening to the album front to back, there is no choon that puts a smile on the face like 'Can't Get Enough', feat crooner Trey Songz.

With a kind of beat that you only really hear when tucking into a Nandos double chicken breast and pitta, J Cole woos the ladies with his smooth flow and catchy lyrics.  There are many other songs on the album that are probably better, most notably 'Cole World', but this choon gets the feet dancing instantly and is therefore our 'Choon of the Week'!

Enjoy! (And we promise next week will not be another J Cole choon!)

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