Friday, 16 September 2011

Choon of the Week! - J Cole feat Jay Z - Mr Nice Watch

"No Mr Nice Guy, Hello Mr Nice Watch"

Ever since he dropped his legendary verse on Jay Z's 'Star is Born', J Cole is someone that The Urbanite has watched closely.  Our expectations were raised with the release of his classic mixtape 'Friday Night Lights'.  And his performances on tour with Drake last year built him a solid fan base in the UK.

So it goes without saying that I am looking forward to his album, Cole World.

And what an album it is going to be.  Lead single 'Just Can't Get Enough' is brilliant (plus it makes me think of Nandos), with Trey Songz providing a perfect chorus.  But the latest song leaked off the album, 'Mr Nice Watch', is something else and is this week's 'Choon of the Week'.

With an infectious beat that was produced by Cole himself, the track finds him in serious form.  And to top it all off, Jay Z returns the favour from 'Star is Born' with an unsurprisingly flawless verse.  

Cole World is set to be a classic.  


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