Monday, 19 December 2011

Choon of the Week! - Frank Ocean ft Manga & Wiley - Acura Integurl remix

"im like who knew, who knew, who knew, that after all these years I would make a weezy fan out of you to, you to, you to"

Wiley, aka "the rapper that talks so much shit on twitter but commands a 'follow' out of pure respect/entertainment", has been making a lot of noise recently.  Part of this is because he has a new album, 'Evolve or Be Extinct', out in January.  Part of this is also because he just likes to make a lot of noise.

Last month he teamed up with fellow Roll Deep soldier Manga and remixed one of The Urbanite's favourite songs of the year, by quite possibly the artist of the year.

Acura Integurl, by Frank Ocean, is so good you end up annoyed that the song is only 1min, 30seconds long.  Wiley and Manga help by extending the song but, though they've done the song justice with some sick bars, the idiots have not uploaded a video for the song.  So I cannot post on the blog.

I can however, let you download it by clicking here.


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