Saturday, 14 January 2012

Choon of the Week! - Rick Ross ft Nas - Triple Beam Dreams

"more accurately we acted as if jacking was cool, snatching niggas out there shoes then wear their jackets to school"

If there is anyone in rap right now that brings the best out of Nas it is Rick Ross.  The pair's recent hook-up, Tower Heist, was an excellent hood-tale that became the only good thing that emerged from the movie of the same title.  With the release of his much anticipated solo project Rich Forever, Ross teams up again with the Queensbridge veteran on one of the songs of the mixtape.

Both verses on Triple Beam Dreams are deep and intense.  Up first we have Nas sounded like the rapper he was back on Illmatic and It Was Written; crafting a vivid and descriptive story about a drug dealer and the morality that goes behind the art of street hustling.

"How could I sell this poison to my people's in my mind, they dumb to destroy themselves is how I rationalise"

Ross finishes off the Justice League produced banger in typical fashion, mimicking the flow and alliteration that Nas displayed first with devastating effect as he takes shots at anyone who doubts him ("fuck boy you caught up in my dream, counting cream on the cover of a magazine").  It rounds off a neat follow on from Tower Heist and kind of makes you dream of the two making a joint mixtape together (now that would be pure gold).

It goes without saying that Nas destroys the track, and with Ross also on fine form there was only ever going to be one outcome for this song.  It's an instant street classic and sets the tone for the new year.


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