Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Urbanite Video of 2011 - The Weeknd: The Knowing

"I ain't washing my sins, I ain't washing my sins"

The Urbanite will not try and be clever and claim that this video is understandable.  Or that it makes perfect sense.  Or that it is not as weird as hell.  Because it is.  But the first official video release from the artist, real name Abel Tesfaye, is a spectacular visual offering.

Set in Ethiopia in the 1970s, the futuristic video takes us forward to a planet called Ethia X in the year 16311 AD. The basic concepts of the video are about the civil war in Ethiopia in the 70s, which is used by the video directors as a metaphor for a man's relationship with women.  Sound confusing?  Well it is, but it does not stop it from being our video of 2011.

For a more detailed explanation read here (warning: you still probably won't understand it after reading that!)

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